Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

RRL is making preparations for Hurricane Matthew.  Our office will be closing 12 noon Wednesday, October 5th and will remained closed until it is deemed safe to reopen for business – we will be posting updates via our website, Facebook and Twitter.   The safety of our clients and staff is extremely important to us, as well as your financial well-being.  In the event that the hurricane severely impacts our area, we will make every effort to have our agency to re-open as quickly as possible following the storm.

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Insurance for Landscapers | Charter Bus Insurance | Demolition Contractors Insurance

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Do You Own A Landscaping Company?

Insurance for Landscapers: If you have a company which offers professional landscaping services, you have probably had to deal with finding a good offer for your insurance for landscapers. Yep, a pretty difficult job, to say the least.

So here are some things you should know about your insurance:

  1. Your business insurance for landscapers should be just as big as your company is. So, for example, if you have a small kind of business which offers simple services such as land mowing or grass cutting, then your insurance will be cheaper, covering the value of your company.
  2. As time goes by, you may want to hire a professional in exterior design. You know, to grow your company and extend the range of services you are putting at your clients’ disposal. Well, you should know that each and every addition to your business must be reflected in your insurance for landscapers. Because, as your business grows, so does its value. And so should its insurance.
  3. Don’t forget that your business is rather seasonal. Because, well, nobody wants their grass cut when their garden is covered in snow.  The not-so-good news is that you can’t buy insurance by the month. So you will be buying it upfront, for an entire year. This is why it is so important to make sure you find the best balance between coverage and price. And don’t think that your insurance is worthless during winter: there have been claims of stones thrown from lawnmowers into car windshields…

There you have it: three quick tips to help you get a better insurance for landscapers. Keep them in mind when shopping for a new policy. They’re so simple: it’s a seasonal business, take into account your business’ size, and modify the insurance policy as your business grows. Good luck!

Garbage Truck Insurance | Trucker Insurance | Waste Company Insurance

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Claims Your Garbage Truck Insurance Should Cover

Are you the owner of a waste company? Do you have garbage trucks in your company backyard? Are you insured for ALL the damage and dangers that looms above your business?

Your case is special; it’s different from all other businesses. Why do we say this, because you will need a different type of insurance for your kind of company. I know you often hear the saying “tailored to your business needs” and you think about it as being a cliché used by marketers to attract more clients.

Yes. It is a cliché. Yes. It is also very, very true.


Let me explain.

Your business is completely different from a – let’s say – company which offers website design and programming services. Yes, it is different from all points of view, you may say except for one: they both need business insurance. But they do need different policies.

Here are the things your garbage truck insurance and waste company insurance should include:

–          Liability insurance (for both bodily injury and property damage)

–          Medical payments

–          Physical damage insurance (for both comprehensive physical damage protection and collision damage protection)

–          Uninsured or underinsured motorist (this type of insurance is very similar to the liability insurance)

So these are the basics. There are some other types of coverage you can ask to be included in your policy: rental, towing, trailer interchanges, accessories, and so on and so forth…

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you should balance the real dangers which may affect your business and choose your insurance coverage accordingly. In most cases a specialist from the insurance company will help you decide upon the most important factors, but you should do your homework prior to entering the offices of an insurance company.

Bus Fleet Insurance | Charter Bus | Sand and Gravel Haulers Insurance

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Bus Fleet Insurance: Are You Traveling By The Dozen?

Bus Fleet Insurance: Are you running a big factory where people have to get to the other part of the city to get to work? Then perhaps what you need to get your employees to work faster is… a bus fleet. In some European countries this practice is not out of the ordinary and employees even expect transport to be provided. It works the same in the USA as well. If you too are planning on renting a bus fleet, there are some things you need to know first:

  1. Make sure the vehicles have bus fleet insurance or charter bus insurance. In the US it is compulsory to have at least some sort of insurance for any vehicle you own. Since the bus fleet insurance will only be rented, make sure the company that owns them insured them.
  2. Double-check the insurance policies. Perhaps the most important thing you need to ask is, “Who can drive the buses?” It is important because for some policies only certain people have the right to drive a vehicle. While this is mostly available for family owned cars, you never know if this applies to the bus fleet you just rented or not.
  3. Run a thorough inspection of each bus from the bus fleet insurance. It is likely that the bus fleet owners will try to charge you for any damages brought to their vehicles, but you do not want to pay them extra money. So have an expert evaluate the status of the buses before your rent them; note down any irregularities and inform the owners about them.

Once you have gone through these steps contact an insurance agent and ask them about the liabilities you are prone to. If everything is ok you can start using the buses for your employers – you will soon see an increase in productivity.   Call Euclid for Limo, Charter. Bus Fleet, and Sand and Gravel Haulers Insurance that you can depend on!