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Claims Your Garbage Truck Insurance Should Cover

Are you the owner of a waste company? Do you have garbage trucks in your company backyard? Are you insured for ALL the damage and dangers that looms above your business?

Your case is special; it’s different from all other businesses. Why do we say this, because you will need a different type of insurance for your kind of company. I know you often hear the saying “tailored to your business needs” and you think about it as being a cliché used by marketers to attract more clients.

Yes. It is a cliché. Yes. It is also very, very true.


Let me explain.

Your business is completely different from a – let’s say – company which offers website design and programming services. Yes, it is different from all points of view, you may say except for one: they both need business insurance. But they do need different policies.

Here are the things your garbage truck insurance and waste company insurance should include:

–          Liability insurance (for both bodily injury and property damage)

–          Medical payments

–          Physical damage insurance (for both comprehensive physical damage protection and collision damage protection)

–          Uninsured or underinsured motorist (this type of insurance is very similar to the liability insurance)

So these are the basics. There are some other types of coverage you can ask to be included in your policy: rental, towing, trailer interchanges, accessories, and so on and so forth…

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you should balance the real dangers which may affect your business and choose your insurance coverage accordingly. In most cases a specialist from the insurance company will help you decide upon the most important factors, but you should do your homework prior to entering the offices of an insurance company.